Lightning Protection Systems

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  • Early Streamer Emission System-Active 2D – View PDF
  • Early Streamer Emission System-Active 4D – View PDF


  • Lightning Protection System/Earthing

    Lightning is perhaps the worst natural calamity mankind has experienced & will have to. The Lightning phenomena generates massive amounts of energy in MegaJules due to large lightning currents of the order of 200 KA and several thousand Volts. The temperature of a typical Air Column of Downward leader is about 60,000ºC. Engineers, Scientists from all over the world have been trying to mitigate the risks from lightning through various methods.
    Hans Dehn, pioneer of DEHN + SOHNE, registered his first lightning protection invention in 1918 (patented) and the research still continues.
    DEHN provides full range of products & services in the field of surge protection, Lightning Protection/ Earthing and Safety Equipment.
    DEHN has a unique test centre in Neumarkt, Germany with facilities to generate lightning currents up to 400KA (10/350 µsec)
    DEHN products comply with all applicable International norms like IEC, EN, UL, KEMA etc. quality management system is certified to DIN EN ISO 9001 Standard.

    Lightning Protection System / Earthing:
    Follows faraday cage system, Materials as per using DEHN Support (patented) Software. Full range of products service client requirements Offer design guide for LPS.

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  • Surge Protection Devices

    Pioneers in SPD’s since 1954 full comprehensive range of products Red Line (Power Supply Systems) Yellow Line (Telecom, Data Lines), Spark Gaps as per IEC/EN, UL norms. SPD’s are available in type 1 and Type 2, combined arresters (Type 1+2), based on “RADAX” (patented) technology to control the massive energy dissipated through lightning currents.
    Very wide spectrum of SPD’s covering each application like residence/office bldgs., manufacturing industry, wind energy, photovoltaic, biogas, smart energy, telecom, oil & gas, transport/traffic/rail, safety systems/cameras.

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  • Safety Equipments

    Full range of products to protect service personnel in adherence to work according to five safety rules.
    Various equipments/tools for live working, are fault protection, measuring devices, kits, earthing & short-circuiting devices.

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