Helideck & Helipad Lighting Systems


  • Design of the Aluminium Helipad & Helideck
    • Helislat


      • Marine grade aluminum tested in every climate worldwide
      • 6005-T5 alloy available in 35-40ksi per specification 11 pounds per square foot
      • Tongue and groove connection
      • Solid surface with built in non-slip
      • Any shape is available
      • Can support any size helicopter
      • Fuel & Waterproof

    • Helomat
      • HelomatA strong, safe, reusable helicopter landing platform for unprepared areas.
        • Military
        • Emergency(Hospitals, Police, Coast Guard)
      • Low environmental impact, aluminum is 95% recyclable
      • Helomat is suitable for helicopters in excess of 11,500kg maximum take-off weight
      • Fast installation with little or no site preparation
      • Practically maintenance free, durable and permanently relocatable.
      • Helomat is light only 29 kg/sqmm. but fully stable under rotor wash
      • Supports static loads of 33,000kg+
      • Helomat panels are 38mm thick, 305mm wide and can be manufactured up to 14m in length


    • Porto Pads
      • Assemble Anywhere
        • Emergency
        • Military Operation
      • All Aluminum Design
      • Standard sizes
        • 6m x 6m
        • 9m x 9m
      • Lands up to 6,800kg
      • 2 Hour assembly
      • Adjustable Legs for any location
      • Stairs, lights etc can be added


  • Helideck Safety Net
    • Landing Safety Net

      Frictape Landing Net is a market leader for a reason. It is known to retain its form and tension in all conditions and has a superior estimated lifetime of up to five years – this results in not only best safety in the industry but also lowest total cost over life. The net’s low-profile knotless design and unique non-stretch material – developed and manufactured in-house by Frictape – provide total safety for demanding operations, with minimal need for maintenance.

      As the only nets in the world, our nets have a proven friction coefficient of over 0,65. The low knotless structure – less than 2,5 cm high – ensures safe and effortless walking on the deck. In addition to this, the material is electrostatically safe and non-flammable.

    • Perimeter Safety Nets

      Frictape Perimeter Nets are the safest on the market for a solid reason: they do not have weak points. Frictape nets produce a safe and effective hammock effect that absorbs the kinetic energy of falling objects or persons without fear of re-bounce.

      The benefits of balanced strength and fail-safe structure of Frictape Perimeter Net come into effect especially when the net is damaged: even several cuts will not affect its ability to safely stop and contain a falling person. This results in market-leading safety and reliability, so you can always be sure that your operations run safely and smoothly.

      As a proof of excellence, Frictape Perimeter Nets are used in over 500 locations globally.

  • Helipad & Helideck Lighting & Controllers
    • Circle & H Lights for On/Offshore Platforms & Vessels

      Unlike conventional helideck lighting fixtures, Frictape Circle & H Netlight does not require any fixed structures for lighting the helideck circle & H. This means that no holes are needed on the helideck for bolts, screws or rivets that could cause leakages or otherwise harm the deck’s structure.

      The lack of fixed structures also means that Frictape Circle & H Netlight is easy to handle and store and makes helideck cleaning and maintenance effortless. Furthermore, when compared to traditional fixed solutions, the installation of Frictape Circle & H Netlight is remarkably fast, taking no more than a few days.

    • FATO & TLOF lights


      FEC’s Remote Lighting Controller is an all new, fully digital design that combines ease of installation and use with sophisticated yet simple and secure configuration via the IP65 rated keypad and LCD display or via SMS.


      • Traditional VHF Pilot Controlled Lighting (PLC) configuration
      • Simple frequency setting through front panel – no fiddly switches
      • Defined number of presses to activate Circuits 1, 2 or 3
      • Programmable timeout with optional flashes to indicate end of “On” period
      • VHF operation can be remotely enabled/disabled for extra security
      • FCC/EU approved, Integrated tri-band GSM Telemetry Engine for SMS control
      • Secure PIN code protected SMS commands to monitor and control your installation
      • Secure SMS status reporting – check out your installation before taking off
      • Remotely activate Circuits 1, 2 or 3 and have the status sent straight back to your mobile
      • Optional weather station interface for meteorological information from your helipad
      • Two 20 Amp heavy duty relays in the box – Enables linked peripheral shutdown
      • Local and remote test and diagnostics integrated into the unit
      • Very low power consumption – Approx. 2W (idle) and less than 30W max. (including internal winter heater)
      • Operates from 110-240V AC 50-60Hz or 12V DC (ideal for solar and batteries)

    • Floodlights Ex & Non Ex

      The heavy-duty hooded surface floodlight illuminates the deck and protects the pilot from glare while landing on the pad. The fixture is housed in a weather tight, aluminium casting and powder coated yellow for high visibility. There are four mounting holes for easy installation on any surface.


      • 50,000+ hour rated LED’s for extended life
      • High visibility Yellow powder coat suitable for the harshest environment
      • Pre-wired for quick and easy installations

    • Helicopter Approach Path Indicators.
    • Obstruction Light Ex and Non Ex

      FEC offers a dual obstruction light for added safety and minimal maintenance in remote locations. FEC’s dual obstruction lights are available in many different configurations, including photo eye and auto backup.


      • High-visibility yellow cast aluminum body suitable for the harshest environments
      • Low profile glass lens for high visibility and safer operations
      • Pre-wired for quick and easy installations

    • Perimeter lights Ex & Non Ex

      FEC’s perimeter lights are the most important safety feature on your helipad. Our lights illuminate the edges of the landing area to provide a true perimeter marking. Ground mounted perimeter lights attach directly to the surface with your attachment hardware.


      • High-visibility yellow cast aluminum body suitable for the harshest environments
      • Low profile lens in green and clear only
      • High tempered glass lens for high visibility and safer operations
      • Pre-wired for quick and easy installations

    • Portable Battery Powered Lighting System

      FEC Heliports’ Portable Battery Powered LED Helipad Lighting System is a microprocessor controlled light system designed for rapid deployment in temporary and emergency situations to provide safe and effective marking on a variety of terrains.

  • Helipad & Helideck Safety & Other Equipment’s
    • Helicopter Landing Zone Firefighting Equipment

      Portable Foam Unit – “Big Wheel” 

      fire-fighting-equipFEC Heliports designs, manufactures, and installs a variety of AFFF foam fire suppression equipment to meet your facility’s needs. FEC Heliports is a member of the National Fire Protection Association and designs all of our systems to meet the “NFPA 418 Standards for Heliports” requirements. FEC supplies equipment for H-1 and H-2 category helipads.

      Foam Fire Fighting

    • Oil/Water Separator

      fuel-water-sepereatorIf you have a helipad on an occupied building you will likely need a Fuel Water Separator to comply with NFPA and International standards. Containment of all runoff on the helipad is required and FEC Heliports manufactures a single tank design that makes for a simple solution. Our standard Fuel Water Separator is a gravity fed design that is connected to a helipad containment gutter. The tank has two sides, one for separation (400 gallons water) and one for containment (300 gallons) and includes a heater and a high level indicator. This welded steel design has a protective coating for the harshest environments and has a single input and output for inexpensive hook up by the mechanical contractors.

    • Fuelling Systems
    • Storm Water
    • Emergency crash rescue ICAO/CAP437 Compliant H1/H2 & H3 Category


      • ICAO Annex 14 Vol II –Heliports
        – 6.9 Rescue Equipment
        “Rescue Equipment commensurate with the level of helicopter operations should be provided. At an elevated heliport the rescue equipment should be stored adjacent to the helideck”
      • Health Building Note 15 –03: Hospital Helipads. Chapter 5.25 –Rescue Equipment-For both H1 and H2, each RFSS crew member must have one harness knife and sheath and a pair of fire-resistant gloves. One of each of the following items of rescue equipment must also be available

    • Wind direction Indicator/ Weather Station Tower

      wind-direction-indicatorFEC’s internally lighted windsock meets the FAA AC 150/5324-27C and ICAO Annex 14 design requirements. It is made of high strength, lightweight aluminum for durability in all environmental conditions. The hinged base on FEC’s windsock allows for easy accessibility when maintenance is needed. The base and pole are powder coated orange for high visibility and long-lasting protection. Windsock can be installed on any surface. Optional mounting base is available for structural connections.


      • 50,000+ hour rated LED’s for extended life
      • High visibility International orange powder coat suitable for the harshest environments
      • High tempered glass
      • Pre-wired for quick and easy installations
      • Made with aluminum

    • Control Access, CCTV & Fencing
  • Value Added Services
    • Helipad & Helideck Painting
    • Installation, Testing & Commissioning
    • Annual Maintenance