Automatic Transfer Switches & Synchronizing Panels

  • Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) Control Panels

    ATS 1SICES ATS panel is studied for mains/generator transfer switch applications which involves a genset usually equipped with an automatic control panel.

    The ATS panel comprises all the circuits, devices and controls enabling the switch between the mains and the genset, in order to supply the load in case of mains failure.

    The ATS panel is made with a steel sheet subjected to a painting treatment using high resistance epoxy powder and the power circuit is safety separated from the control area in accordance to the main operation rules.

    The protection degree with opened door is IP20. With closed door is IP55 or IP40 based on the type of carpentry used.

    ATS Panes are available in 2 Versions:


    It’s an ATS panel (without any microprocessor controller) equipped with a selector switch with 4 positions AUTOMATIC – 0 – MAINS – GENSET and 2 (two) lamps for optical signaling “Load supplied by the Mains” and “Load supplied by the Genset”.


    It’s an automatic and “smart” ATS panel equipped with microprocessor based controller having a graphical display which allows to show voltages, frequency, working hours and the battery voltage of the genset.

  • Automatic Main Failure Panel

    ATS 2SICES automatic control panels are equipped with microprocessor genset controller which allows an automatic management of a single stand-by or prime mover genset.

    All the circuits for the control and signalization of the various status and alarms are built in a microprocessor based controller mounted on the front of the panel which easily allows to check the mains and gensets parameters and measures.

    In case of mains failure, SICES AMF Control panel detects the voltage failure and it starts the stand-by genset. The control panel controls the switch Mains/Genset connecting the load to the genset.

    During the genset operation, the engine either the alternator are monitored by the microprocessor controller, displaying any alarms with text message and stopping the genset, if needed.

    Based on the type of the requirements, N.3 (three) types of AMF control panels are available:

    • DST2600 – AMF control panel for single gensets up to 110kVA
    • Easy Control – AMF control panel or single gensets from 27kVA up to 435kVA
    • Customized AMF Control Panel – AMF control panel for single gensets from 27kVA up to 2765kVA

  • Synchro-Parallel Control Panels

    ATS 3

    • EASY-Synchro
      Electric control panel in modular version. Smart panel for the management of gensets operating in multiple stand-by or multiple prime mover also in parallel to the mains. It can be combined with any engine and regulation system. Ready for multi voltage and multi frequency situations.
    • Synchro-Parallel Modular control panel
      Electric control panel for handling up to 24 gensets working in synchro/parallel.
    • Synchro-Parallel control panel for Island applications
      Electric control panel for synchro/parallel gensets (both emergency and production gensets). This type of electric control panel is studied for the control and management of a power plant comprising 2, 3, or 4 gensets working in synchro-parallel.