Community Desert Clean-up

As a part of its Corporate Social Responsibility all Staff including the management of Catobo and other friends had conducted a ‘Community Desert Clean-up’ in association with Cambridge International School Dubai’s students and their families, in the Hatta area of Dubai on 21st April 2013.

Several enthusiastic children expressed their desire to participate in the event to show their ties with the land, and the importance of protecting the environment and keeping it clean and pollution free. Mr. Craig Lamshed, Principal, Cambridge International, joined the group and stressed on the need to maintain a clean and healthy living environment.

Volunteers managed to remove thousands of kilograms of waste, which were transferred to the Centers of Waste Management in the regions where the campaign was implemented. The debris discarded at an abandoned campsite is not only an eyesore in the beautiful surroundings but is potentially lethal to wild camels that roam the region. Ingesting the rubbish left by visitors to the desert, particularly plastic bags, can kill the animals in what one of country’s leading veterinarians has dubbed “fatal pollution”.

Unni Madhavan, who led the Clean up campaign, is an avid off road driving enthusiast. He said “it is sad that some people do not realize the importance of protecting the environment, and deal with it like a large garbage dump. He stressed that by participating in this campaign, youth are working hard to change this way of thinking among people, in addition, on-site campaigns show the severe damage people are causing to the environment through their negligence”.

“We’re just a vehicle for people,” said Madhavan. “They want to do something, but they just need someone to co-ordinate.” The clean-up crew found plastic and bottles littering the desert.

“It’s about trying to encourage a new community spirit, to get people to go out of their homes and do something beneficial,” he said. “People pass the buck on. It’s everyone’s responsibility to do something. Not just the government.