Pneumatic Products

  • Valves

    -Miniature Valvespoppet-valve
    -Solenoid Valves
    -Poppet Valves
    -Complementary Valves
    -Diaphragm Valves
    -Blocking Valves
    -Shut off Valves
    -Progressive Startup Valves
    -Enova Valves
    -OPTYMA Valvespneumax-electromagnetic-valve-243152003906
    -Namur Valves
    -ISO Valves
    -Quick Exhaust Valves
    -Hand Slide Valves
    -Shuttle Valve-Uni Directional Valves/ Check Valves
    -Oscillator Valves
    -Blocking Valves

  • Solenoid Valves

    pilot-valve-Direct Operated Solenoid Valves
    -Pneumatic Actuated Valves
    -Tecno – NAMUR
    -Distributors and Electro distributors ISO 5599/1

  • Air Service Unit

    -Coalescing Filters
    -Pressure Regulators
    -Pressure Regulator including Manometer
    -Filter-Pressure Regulator
    -Pressure Switch
    -Pressure Booster

  • Cylinders

    -Heavy Duty Cylinders CNOMO-CETOP-ISO
    -VDMA Cylinders
    -Rotating Cylinders
    -Non Rotating Cylinders
    -Cylinder with Locking Device
    -Twin Rod Cylinders
    -Motor Cylinders
    -Hydraulic Speed Control Check Cylinders
    -Compact Cylinders
    -Rodless Cylinders
    -Cable Cylinders

    guided-cylinders hydro-pneumatic-cyinder

  • Manipulation

    manipulation-Guided Compact Cylinders
    -Twin rod Slide Unit
    -Push/Pull Twin rod Slide Unit
    -Pneumatic Grippers
    -Rotary Actuators
    -Arbitrary Mount Cylinders
    -Slide Cylinders
    -Guide Cylinders

  • Sensors

    -Sensors with Connector( REED Type)

  • Pressure Booster

    -1700 Series – Pressure Booster P+ Series


  • Rotary Actuators

    rotary-actuators-Double rack Rotary Actuators
    -Single rack Rotary Actuators
    -Vane Type Rotary Actuators

  • Fittings & tubes

    – Connectors
    -Flow Control Valve
    -Blue, Black,Neutral,Red and Yellow PU Tube


  • Digital Pressure Switches

    pressure-switch-Two switch output and one analog output hysteresis adjustable high accuracy and resolution
    -Pressure Range : Compound – 100 100kPa
    Vaccum 0- 101.3kPa
    Positive 0-1MPa
    Programmable unit
    Port : 1/8″