• Weiler Abrasives

    Weiler is an American headquartered Abrasives and Surface condition products manufacturing company. Weiler is an industry leader and global manufacturer of surface conditioning solutions. Weiler Abrasives is dedicated to tackle the toughest cleaning, grinding, cutting, deburring and finishing challenges.

    Weiler’s heritage dates  to 1879.It has grown from  a power brush manufacturer to a global surface.
    Conditioning  problem-solver.

    Weiler products are designed with productivity in mind :
    Work Faster: Weiler products are designed to provide superior performance through maximum aggression and long life.That means you get your work done faster and more efficiently.
    Work Safer: Weiler products are designed and manufactured to the strictest standards to ensure the highest level of quality and safety.
    Work Better: Weiler products improve your productivity and reduce your cost.

    Weiler products confirm to the following safety standards
    EN 1083-2 – Power driven brushes. Safety requirements
    EN 12413 – Safety requirements for bonded abrasive products.
    EN 13743 – Safety requirements for coated abrasive products.

    Following are their products :

    • Metal Fabrication
      • Cutting Wheel
      • DC Grinding wheel
      • Flap Discs
      • Wheel Brushes
      • Cup Brushes
      • End Brushes
      • Stem Mounted Brushes
      • Scratch Brushes

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    • Precision Grinding
      • Bearing Grinding Wheel
      • Sharpio Surface and creepfeed grinding
      • Top Gear Grinding
      • Ice spring – Spring end grinding wheels

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  • Awuko Abrasives

    Awuko abrasives is a 120 year old coated abrasives manufacturing company head quartered in Hann Munden, Germany. Awuko abrasives Wandmacher GmbH & Co KG, is world’s leading manufacturer of quality coated abrasives with focus on wood and leather finishing. Awuko abrasives are known for their customer specific requirements at the shortest delivery time.

    Awuko abrasive products find their use in the following applications:

    Awuko abrasives find their use in sanding of wooden floors with their robust fabric backing Zirconium belts for hard floors like badminton courts, volley ball courts etc. Awuko abrasives is leading solution provider in wooden board industry like MDF Boards, Particle boards and ply wood industry. Awuko’s segmented belts are preferred in Board manufacturing industries.

    Leather / Shoes
    Awuko is a global leader in the highly sophisticated leather industry. Leather used for wide range of applications are sanded with Awuko products. A special binding agent in combination with a production process that has been optimised over a period of time ensures an unprecedented high level of product quality.

    Lacquer /Paint
    Awuko products ensures highest level of quality when it comes to achieving absolutely flawless sanded surfaces in the paint industry.  Different product variations for a wide variety of coating applications ensure perfect solution to customer.

    Metal / Stone
    Awuko products find their use in the finishing of stainless steel sheets.

    • Products
      • Emery Sheets – Plain and Water proof sheets
      • Velcro Discs
      • Sanding sponges
      • Narrow sanding belts
      • Wide sanding belts

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